Kia Ora Whanau and welcome to the tales of another day aboard the  R. Tucker Thompson.  The weather, as you probably know, has been not the best with wind and rain most of the day. The adverse weather hasn’t deterred our trainees enthusiasm however  with the morning swim and chores completed in the rain and wind.  The morning lessons were quite involved and our trainees seem to be soaking up all the information we can give them. After lessons, our now, top fisherperson Tangi set about catching more fish in the rain, we now nearly have enough for a meal!!

We played games and learned knots while the wind blew, but our trainees needed a break from this and donned wetsuits to swim and jump from the ship, with Laani, Vincent,Tumihi, Taylor and Cleo all jumping from the rig. Anteaus, who isn’t a strong swimmer, braved the waters with Wayne to swim around the ship. Awesome stuff!! Tomorrows plan has been made with bush walks, and more swims on the agenda, no matter what the weather does. We will be staying in Whangaruru until the weather drops and sail our way homewards.  Ma te wa