After a beautiful night being lulled to sleep by gentle rolling in Mahinepua Bay it was a leisurely start this morning. Well almost ! The 7 am swim was a shock to some but not as bad as being woken by the bell rung by Bligh, who has claimed this job as his own. Codi and Willow led the charge into the tide. It’s still uncertain whether this keenness was due to the chocolate at stake or the desire to beat the queue for the hot shower on deck.

The sea was lumpy but this did deter our hardened sailors. Hardly a soul was on deck as the waves washed over, they were too busy yip and yahooing from the bowsprit and futtock shrouds enjoying the ride.

Whangaroa Harbour was greatly received and a walk through the jungle was just what the doctor ordered. Jungle (bush) or perhaps rain forest was better description as the heavens opened and the wind howled !! Stanley attempted a record time and Alysha earned a new name as “ Slipper “ for her many slides.

Little Tuck made her first appearance in a ship circumnavigation race. The rain stopped play for a short while but eventually Janna and Bligh triumphed with a blistering time of 1 min 36 sec. Brodie and Charlotte seemed to be enjoying themselves so much that they decided on taking the scenic route and claimed the wooden spoon with a time of 2 m 47 sec.

We are all hoping for fish for dinner, as the catching has not been too good to date. The pressure is on Rob and Stanly who have set a long line this evening. By the time you read this blog we should know if its going to ships hard tack biscuits again or a seafood extravaganza.