Kia Ora, Bonjour,
We are all alive! Everybody went at bed, expecting to get up during the night because the MET service predections, but all of us enjoyed a lovely night after our first day.
So at 7am, our day started, organisation of our daily routine: First of all the traditional ‘wake up SEA jump’, easy going our trainees! Then followed the duties on deck and down below, when all the hard work was done, a hearty breakfast was waiting for us : Pancakes, porridge, cereals, fruits… Belly full, it was time for us to go stretch out on the good looking land of TUTUKAKA. Dinghy out, all ready for adventures, we landed on a pebbles shore. From there our goal was to reach the lighthouse Kukutauwhao.
Walking up the hill most of the time, we end up facing a dilemma: the path was obscured by a white wash of water. We weren’t sure if we could cross, the depth was uncertain. Plus there was some rocks to walk on. What was sure to cross who have get us wet from waist level. But from nowhere, Nate and a few others said they would give a go. After their success, the rest of us started screaming and walk back to the passage: WE CAN DO IT, IF THEY DID IT !!! On the other side, more muddy and slippery ground was waiting us and then the Top was touched.
Going back to the R.Tucker Thompson, a swim was due to restore our body from the walk but a really delicious smell was spreading around. Thank you Wayne, pumpkin soup and scones were short lived. Anchor was then brought back up and the course was set for Whangaruru. The weather was still a wonder above our head, rain and strong wind facing us was still forecasted. Everybody picked harness and ran to the bow sprit, excited to go to sea again. As we were away from the coast, the sea started to build up. We pitched and fell like Life itself : UP and DOWN (2m) = Grinning from ear to ear. Different navigators handled the rough sea as Justin, Gipsy, Craig and Summer. When finally the predicted rain joined us, and a fog rolled in, three quarters of the crew disappeared in the warmth of the ship’s core. An hour later, the contour of land was in sight and faith was restored. One by one, they stepped up and found the new course to Orapa : Motukauri Island.
Dry, full of pride from how far we have come… it’s time to enjoy another delectable dinner and abandon our selves to friendship.

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day 2

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