Grey skies greeted us this morning but lucky for us spirits were sunny and at 7am the water is still lovely and warm. Bailey and Leah were first in the water and the rope swing came out again. Everyone dealt well with the first morning chores and pitched in eagerly. After some lessons on being safe at sea, everyone put on a harness and learned how to climb safely aloft. No fear! Okay maybe a little hesitation by some. Yet with encouragement everyone made it out to our up-most challenge – reaching the end of the yard arm.
Next it was time to set sails. Halyards, downhauls, sheets…. which one is the right rope? We sailed along with no engine and relaxed up high or out in the bow net. For lunch we anchored in Lagoon Bay, Motu Arohia (Roberton island). Onshore for a snorkel in the lagoon (fish seen), then we walked up the hill to the lookout (great views), and had some practice throwing a line into a target (a later competition). While we were all busy about the island, Nate speared us some fish and later the boys, Michael, Wilson and Rob helped fillet and prepare them for cooking. YUM!
Back on the ship, practice for the row boat and line throwing competitions took place. Then the race between each team to row the ‘Lil Tug’ around the ship took place to much cheering.
Now we are back anchored in Pipi Bay of Motu Rua. The sunset is bright pink and orange which promises fine weather tomorrow. Dinner is soon and we all are looking forward to the plum crumble that Leah, Ashley, Bailey, and Beverly have prepared.
Good night from everyone here! Having a great time. IMG_0369blog