The wind was roaring this morning as our trainees took their morning plunge around the ship. After chores were completed and breakfast was demolished we completed our next challenge for the day being a weetbix competition. With one tribute from each group they had to eat a whole dry weetbix then whistle at the end. A quick lesson was done before we moved on to our next challenge of bread making.

Today there were two loaves of bread made, one shaped like an anchor and the other shaped like the helm. Our next challenge for the day was a knot challenge to see what teams could tie the bowline, clove hitch, reef knot, sheet bend and figure of eight the fastest.

A hearty soup with freshly baked bread was devoured for lunch before we moved on to our next challenge, phonetic alphabet. Our trainees had to recite “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” in phonetic alphabet as quick as possible which they all did very well.

The wind and rain has increased throughout the afternoon confining us to below deck where we are happy playing games and having fun. The knot book has been brought out and our trainees are learning new marlinspike skills as well as new card games. We are safe and sound in our secure anchorage and hope that the winds will ease tomorrow so we can continue our voyage back home.