What an amazing day its been! Maraea was the first in the water and encouraged her friends to do the same. The sun was nice and bright, so Caleb climbed to the 3rd ratboard and jumped into the water. The girls not so easily out done, Hinetu and Kate jumped from the 3rd ratboard also.
After a peaceful rest up from the weather in Te Hue, we gladly heaved anchor and made our way towards Paradise Bay to complete the loop track. On the way, Angus and Tasmin helped in making a packed picnic lunch to enjoy ashore.
We really have been lucky with the Saddleback/Tieke birds! As we started our hike, we were greeted by 2 of them, singing us along the track.
We are now in Homestead Bay, awaiting yet another souperb meal by crew member Wayne.
Crew member Ashley encouraged those who hadn’t climbed out to the end of the lower tops’l yard arm to lay aloft with her and give it a go. Tasmin, Hinetu, Sheynae and Sarah all braved the gentle roll and are now the proud owners of a turk’s head bracelet! Well done ladies!
There are whispers of a game of spotlight happening tonight….we shall see!