Rima ra

From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson a very good evening, after what has been another eventful day. The first event was the Dawn Service, with our wreath made of baggy wrinkles and a large poppy, we recited the ode, then had the last post played while we hoisted the colours, this was followed by our 30 minute quiet time as we reflected.

Then off again, swim, duties, breakfast, class, while waiting on a breeze to continue our sail training. Was not to be, so we set a passage course to Deep Water Cove for some shallow snorkelling on White Reef, recording species not often seen around our coast in such abundance. A delicious lunch was next as we all fuelled up in preparation for the afternoon sail…… somewhere. With the forecast breeze at our beckon we set the standard set of sails and reached from Oke Bay to the Sisters, setting compass course, plotting on the chart and discussing land transects, as Piercy Island came into view, our marks lined up and we bore away back towards Waewaetorea Passage. Time to introduce the trainees to some more sail as we set the Top Gaff and Course keeping the speed up with the leftover swell. Our destination reached, sails lowered and stowed, ashore for a welcome island visit, beach clean, hill climb, sports and sit and chat sessions.

It is difficult to mention individuals as they merge into a unit. We are beginning to see the special aspects of each trainee, the support they offer each other in any task or activity, as parents, you can be well proud.

Tobi, Dayna, Jay and Lena Huia tumbled down the hill they climbed while Amy offered encouragement and caution ,  Karamia and Elle escaped up the hill seldom climbed, Moanaroa and Mataora passed ball on the beach,  Maichele and Larissa chilled under a pohutukawa.

Back on board the anchor up with a quick passage to Paradise Bay for the overnight, the ladder soon over the side, the swing out and trainees starfishing about the ship. The swing a new favourite place to sit and chill to contemplate the week.

Tonight we celebrate Lele’s first birthday, she is the ships Ukelele, gifted by Roy Moretti, Pauline’s dad, many fine tunes are played throughout a voyage, as well as Hallelujah. So many versions.

The boil up is filling the ship up with deliciuosness as we savour another full day and I am sure anticipate a good sleep.

Po marie