Rima Ra

Ahoj from the Good Ship R. Tucker Thompson! Living through the seasons is no hardship to this group of hardy souls. We woke to the rain again and bitter disappointment, as the swim got postponed. But still taking it in their stride, the trainees adapted well to early class as breakfast was prepared in the peace of calm waters in Paradise Bay, after being rocked to sleep with the left over swell.

The rain eased, then arrived back as the teams tackled the Knowledge Quiz, Phonetic Alphabet and 5 knot challenges in the comfort of the saloon below decks. Then the Schools split up to work on their Sea Shanty, Waiata, Song for the last night show piece. A lunch of yummy pizza was a real treat as we waited on the weather.

Rain before 7 gone by 11 – yeah right! Not today, having to wait until high tide had passed before the wind went south and cloud lifted. Then it was up on deck, sails hoisted in smooth precision as we explored a little more of the Bay, trainees Taliyah, Pippa, Tove, Sheree, Teaghan, Svea in the net, Jeanne, Lucy, Miriama and Emmanuel out on the bowsprit singing to each other and of course laughter, never far away.

Kylie and Amelie were down below preparing another delicious dish. Passing Motukiekie, Moturua and entering into Motuarohia a pod of dolphins excited everybody as they cruised alongside the Tucker. With few boats in the Bay, the dolphins appeared to enjoy our company as much as we theirs, with some body flops bringing loud applause from all.

The trainees all wanted to swim so we headed across the Bay to Putakokota, a beautiful calm bay. Afternoon tea of custard slice decorated with banana and the ever present cocoa, scored well with the crew and fellow trainees.  The swing came out, ladder down, shower on deck and everyone jumped in for a dip. The ship now has an aroma of gel and shampoo which the dinner under preparation has not yet removed.

We wait in anticipation for this evening’s offering for Day 5 of the baking contest, Emmanuel and Miriama are preparing an apple crumble and Janna our cook is also preparing a tasty vegetarian curry.

So the Challenge points table has just been updated as this blog goes out. Due to a confidentiality clause we cannot name actual teams but reveal the gap has widened to 14 points, Southern, Western, Northern affiliations are reflected in the scores, in no particular order of course. With tomorrow our last full day we have a hectic time ahead. Swim points up for grabs foreshore and the last of the baking. Yum Yum

The Russell Radio weather report suggests a little more sun tomorrow and we hope so too!

Po marie