What an adventure packed day 2!
With a 0730 start to the day, Zahyne completed his goal of the week of being the first into the water for the ritual swim. Let’s see if he can keep it up for the rest of the trip! One by one they jumped in and quickly out for the much anticipated hot shower.
A quick intro on how to hang out your washing by Nate, Pearl, Leo, R.J., Tiahorangi and Kedem came below and allocated below deck chores amongst each other under the watchful eye of crew member Pania.
On deck, crew member Nate instructed Kine, Rahiri, Furneaux, Rionagh, Daniel and Zahyne on how to scrub the decks and polish the brass until it gleams.
Well done everyone! Breakfast was received with gusto.
With a quick lesson and a deeper introduction to the booklets after breakfast, we broke off into our duties with Sarianna taking the safety officers Pearl, Kedem, Tiahorangi, Leo and R.J. to do an engine check, and Pania took Kine, Daniel, Furneaux and Rionagh up to instruct on how to weigh anchor and stow it ready for sea.
Now with everyone on deck, we set the still reefed mains’l, fores’l and the inner and outer jibs. Once out from the shelter of Tutukaka, we discovered very quickly that the wind still wasn’t ready to settle down! But that didn’t stop us from rotating from fore to aft and practice our tacking before setting off towards Mimiwhangata!
On our way, the wind picked up substantially and it was decided that a reef in the fore was needed so Wayne, Pania and Nate took Kine, Leo, Zayhne, Daniel, Rionagh, Pearl and Rahiri to execute this exercise quickly and efficiently and before we knew it, the fore was reefed, the ship dug in and we are now tucked in safely at Otara Bay, where the trainees are all snuggled out of the cold playing guitar and scrabble, eagerly awaiting a delicious hot dinner.