Yet another fun filled day aboard the Tucker! After a gentle roll through the night kept us all cozied up like babies in our bunks, it was that most wonderful time of the morning to don our togs and jump in the tide. How refreshing! After hanging out all our wet clothes, it was time to get stuck into our morning chores with Rufaro, Tenika, Monique, Eli, Kawiti, Te Moerehu, Thomas and Hamish doing a smashing job of scrubbing the decks and polishing the brass, while Brittney, Billy, Tahua and Jacob did an excellent job making sure below decks was spick and span, ready for the day! After a hearty breakfast, it was decided that we would make the most of a beautiful sunny morning and head towards Mimiwhangata. As the anchor team (Brittney, Monique, Billy and Te Moerehu) weighed anchor, the rest of us hoisted the fore and mainsail, not just for balance, (not much wind, but still a swell rolling in), but for a bit of shade too. To make the passage last a bit longer, we headed three miles out and introduced the trainees to chart work and Navigation. Divided into 3 groups, we learnt how to use Latitude and Longitude, along with plotting and navigational hazards.
Hard to port! We headed straight for Mimiwhangata, with a bit of down time, climbing the rigging and bowsprit, and learning how to steer. Brittney and Billy did wonderfully steering us in the right direction, with Te Moerehu giving it a go too. Well done everybody.
Talks of going for a dive once we arrived at our destination, most of the trainees jumped in their wetsuits, anxious to see what was lurking beneath. Rufaro and Te Moerehu decided it was a bit too chilly for the water, so opted for the beach walk instead. One by one, they slowly washed ashore, checking for kina and lazing on the sun warmed sand. An impromptu game of bat down was started, warming everyone up after the swim.
Cloudier and cloudier, a unanimous decision was made to head back to the ship and get some warm clothes on. What timing! We were greeted back on the ship with warm, juicy orange cake. YUM!
We are now underway up towards Whangaruru harbour for the night, with the smell of dinner cooking and a test your knowledge lesson being held in the lounge. I think it’s safe to say we are all adjusting to ship life and are doing just fine.