Apologies for the delay, reception not so great!
Ahoy from the good ship R Tucker Thompson. The ship woke to the ladder over the side and the first splash of many. Duties done and a hearty breakfast had everyone ready for the classroom. Up on deck for some fresh air and a “ touch that line “ competition. Then lunch, wow, battered fish and hot chips, bit more chowder, crayfish! Sign up for your voyage now!!!
Then time to get serious, batten down the hatches, washing off the line, our destination the Cavalli Islands, 30 miles to the north, a fresh south east of 15 to 20 knots, mountainous seas through the entrance had all the trainees on deck laughing and yelping. Set some sail, mainsail, foresail, inner and outer headsail, steady as she goes, towards Cape Brett, we had the ocean to ourselves, except for a cargo ship on the horizon and a pesky tourist helicopter overhead, then left alone, . a quarter sea astern had us rolling north at up to 7 knots, average of 5, a 6 hour passage. Sail change , lower the fore, . topsail, lower topsail and course. Passing all the marks of Ninepin, the northern entrance to the Bay of Islands, Lion Rock, Takou Bay and onto Matauri . Jibe to port , back to starboard, then into a quiet anchorage at Waiti Bay on the south western side of Motukawanui.
Dinner and dishes done it was time to create a wreath for the morning ANZAC ceremony to remember those who gave their lives. They were created from natural products gathered ashore before we left Whangamumu.
The sun is long gone, another star filled sky above keeps peace while below decks the trainees laughter and story telling continue on. Another full day, memories to take home and lessons for future life.
Po marie e

Out past the Ninepine