After breakfast with blue skies and sun the trainees all went for a snorkel on White Reef , a shallow snorkel to investigate the beautiful fish life within the Deep Water Cove Reserve. Fish were fed with kina and some collected for a feed. The swing was out and screams of delight echoed around the calm bay. Vegetable soup and hot scones were enjoyed as the focus shifted to begin out journey south.

Cape Brett was an extreme sight with trainees wrapped about the bowsprit as we headed out into the swells of the Pacific Ocean.  With trainees back on deck we passed the Hole in the Rock and got into the task of sailing over mountainous seas,  it soon became evident out hopeful destination of Mimiwhangata was a little too far and we went to plan B of breaking off for the shelter of Whangamumu Harbour where we arrived to a peaceful anchor.

With fishing lined baited the hope of catching a feed created another challenge for boasting rights aboard the Ship. Dinner in the oven, cards on the table, ukelele and songs, happy days and a goodnight sleep. A good cure for all.P1050079