A very hesitant start to the morning as we came on deck for our first morning swim. Our 2 very brave souls Angus and Matt were the first in the water followed by a wonderful and hot shower.
One by one, slowly but surely, everyone took the plunge. Towels and togs all hung out to dry, we got stuck in to morning chores and a hearty breakfast.
Making the most of the beautiful weather, we loaded the dinghy and went ashore to Paradise Bay and played ‘bat down’ on the beach. So much fun with Maraea taking out most of the competion!
With the sand cooling our toes, we took a short walk up to the Pa sight and did our fair share of clearing out wattle trees with Caleb and Tasmin taking out the biggest.
We’ve been very fortunate in sighting and hearing the Saddleback/Tieke on the Island. We saw 2 this morning!
After lunch, we went for a wonderful afternoon sail where everyone helped out and did a fantastic job at working together as a team. 2 tacks and a few squalls later, we are back in Paradise Bay, ready to make the most of the weather ashore, before it turns rainy 🙁