What a fun filled day we’ve had today!
First into the water this morning was none other than the fearless Jimmy followed closely by the equally fearless Teina.
Morning chores and breakfast dishes out of the way, we switched things up a little bit, and went for a morning climb to the lower tops’l yard, where Kruz, Ashleigh, Harmony and Jimmy all reached the end of the yard and earned their Turk’s head bracelets. Well done everyone! But alas, book work called us. Not to worry! It was met with enthusiasm, and crew member Nate took the Starboard watch to practice and time the phonetic alphabet, and crew member Pania did a navigation lesson with the Port watch. Both watches did very well, so we decided that book work time is over, and we need to go for a sail!s
So that’s what we did! We plotted a course out of Urquhart’s Bay, to the Hen and Chicken Islands for a fish and a dive. All hands on deck, we set the mains’l, fores’l, heads’l’s and the tops’l’s, and launched into a 7 knot sail to our new destination.
Once there, we anchored up and Jayden, Dante, Kruz and Teina tried their hand at fishing. Everyone else loaded up into the dinghy with Nate and Steve where Julia and Ashleigh saw their first stingray!
Blue in the lips, and not much of a haul, we turned our nose towards Tutukaka, which we are still currently underway for, with Harmony, Jashana and Alamaine making some delicious afghan biscuits in celebration of Reuben’s birthday. Happy birthday Reuben! We hope you’ve had an awesome day! Once inside Tutukaka harbour, we will anchor up, spend the night and see what awesomeness tomorrow brings!
P.S. The ship has just erupted into a Bob Marley sing off. LOVE IT!