Greetings from the goodship to thy land lubbers, 0700 was our trainees’ first refreshing mineral spa, Anthony was 1st in leading the charge while Matthew stayed in there the longest….After showers trainees got introduced to their daily chores and breakfast. Then we weighed anchor and plotted our course for Motukawanui raising sails along the way as the breeze gradually built after passing Tikitiki island

Arriving in Cavalli islandss at 1230 we laid anchor in Waiti Bay surrounded by pristine aqua blue sky and crystal clean water, eating lunch while watching myliobatidae bathe in the sand.

With the dishes out of the way, there was time for shore excursion to play some games with some good matches of soccur and cricket then a refreshing swim back to the boat.

Chicken for tea tonight nom nom nom
rua ra