Day five and still alive!
An early morning was had by all as we set sail for the Poor Knights at 6am this morning. Getting only two miles from shore we made an executive decision to change course and head back in to the Bay, as the seas we not at all in our favour. Our sail as we got back into the Bay was a nice closure to our massive, messy swell. We setting in Urupukapuka Bay for the morning – after breaky, doing a solid 3hr walk around the Pa sites and various beaches around the Island.
After some amazing views and sore legs we hopped back aboard and thanks to our completely competent flaker Matt, we pulled up the anchor and did a bit of fishing for the afternoon….On our way around the corner we spotted two HUMPBACK WHALES just cruising past beside our ship. That was a definite highlight of the day!

We are now nicely settled in for a still cold night in Oke bay. What a day!