We awoke to a chilly winter morning, although that didn’t stop our trainees from jumping into the refreshing mineral spa to prepare us for the long day ahead. Damon, Leslie and Charlie helped to navigate us back towards Opua to pick up Rob’s forgotten clothing and some new oars for Little Tuc. Along the way we completed our chores then took turns on keeping watch on deck and eating our breakfast.

With the clothing and oars safely on deck we raised the mainsail, foresail and headsails while Valintine and Leslie climbed aloft to unfurl the lower topsail. Our next voyage was a 7 hour long sail north towards Whangaroa Harbour. Lots of tacking and gybing kept our trainees busy along the way so we could make the most of the strong southerly winds. We are now anchored in Lanes Cove for the night hoping for more good weather tomorrow. Goodnight all!