Greetings all!! We have had a huge journey today down the coast from Whangaroa. The breeze was quite a lot less than what was forecast, thou a steady 15knots kept the sails full the whole way.

The trainees have had a week of practise, setting sails, climbing the rig, hauling the anchor, navigating, tacking, waring the ship, as well as a bunch of other tools the crew has taught, to give them a fair idea how to go about taking the ship back to The Bay.  So, this morning, we put the chart on the table, the weather forecast, the parallel ruler and the dividers, and sooner than later the trainees had a passage plan, and everyone had a role or two to play on the voyage southwards..

With Fabian at the helm, Jenny and Nikau weighed the anchor. Conner and Rhys did a awesome effort aloft while the ship was pitching and rolling, to unfurl the topsails. Bronson and Lloyd set headsails and kept a keen lookout throughout the passage, and Tara, Tiaho helped to hoist up the mainsail. We hoooned past the Cavallis, with a top speed of 8.6knots!!! and rounded the corner soon after with a hauling of the braces, and slackening of the leeward sheets, onwards to the Nine Pin.

We put in a couple more jibes to keep us on track, and soon enough rounded into shelter of the Bay, leaving the rolling northerly swell behind us. The sails were doused, and furled, and stowed, and the old ‘iron topsail’ took us the rest of the way, to Te Puna Inlet, where we dropped the anchor into the mud for the night.

Everyone is feeling good, a tad windswept and salty, but the laughter still pours from the saloon, with the likes of some more salty tales, and the smell of dinner cooking in the oven..

See you all tomorrow, at Opua, 1400hrs… good night,.,