Whangaroa continues to impress the crew with beautiful water for the morning dip and the dramatic scenery. Stanley was so keen to be first in the water he slept in his togs. He was on deck with the first clang of the bell but was pipped to the post by Bligh who took a flying leap from behind.

The main event of the morning was scaling the height of the Dukes Nose. The whistling waving could be heard and seen from the ship at anchor… at least, till they were replaced by a beautiful rainbow and refreshing rain storm. Teina and Alysha conquered their fears, with a few tears, and hand over handed their way over the near vertical rocks to admire the amazing views. Most looked like mud wrestlers on return but all agreed it was well worth the effort.

Last night’s long line failed to produce, so a special fishing mission to the harbor mouth was mounted in search of the Big One! Drift fishing the harbor mouth was a hit. Alysha caught her first fish and Brodie caught the boat instead.

Such a success was the fishing mission that a special voyage was made to the Whangaroa Big Game Fish Club – to buy hot chips to go with the fresh caught fish.

Tomorrow the wide blue yonder awaits as we sail back to the Bay of Islands !!