Kia Ora everybody,
At the first gleam of light, all our trainees went for the ritualistic plunged into the crystal, crispy water. The wind was a little bit chilly and the sea was warm 15.3 degrees. Washed and dressed, ready to start their daily duties, they split again in two teams and made the R.Tucker Thompson shinier than ever! The Omelette breakfast cooked by Pania was devoured quickly by our incredible hard working crew.
We left our anchorage from Whale Bay to land at the historical Rangihoua Bay, for a Church service. At the foot of Marsden Cross, we did our Sunday service, delivered by Isaac (in Maori) and Mikayla (in English) then joined by Allan and Monty for the closing song. This special place was where the first Christian sermon was done to the New Zealander people, on the 25th December 1814 (Christmas Day).
Followed by a peaceful walk through vestige of a Maori village, and the first European settlement in New Zealand, our trainees went back in time, the History was all around us.
After that beautiful stretch, we went back to the ship for a new adventure around Black Rocks, at the East of Moturoa Island. A cornucopia of sea life was waiting for us. Wetsuit, flippers, mask and snorkel on: Luka, Allan, Teke, Anton, Lachlan, Ethan and Mikayla jumped in the water to gather Kai Moana for lunch. Mussels came first, few fish around but no one caught! Then Kina and for our big surprise an incredible ‘Packhorse Crayfish’ (spotted by Mikayla, confirmed by Ethan and retrieved by Anton … cheers guys) YUMMY YUMMY LUNCH!
Warmed up and tummy full, we went to Waewaetoria Island, about five nautical miles, for a game of touch rugby. Chased away by the rain, we had to find shelter on the ship. And with a hot chocolate, a huge rainbow, the anchor was brought in, to get to our pit-stop for the night: Moturua Island.
From now, there is some music in the saloon, the dinner is getting prepped, some hopeful fishermen on deck and the darkness is slowly joining us. Have a good night.
at marsden cross

divers on