Kia Ora ,
We are all there, after 30 nautical miles trip from Whale Bay, crossing the Cavalli Islands, we finally reached an superb anchorage at Whangaroa.

The sun rise at 07h40, it was time for our trainees to meet our famous tradition on the the R.Tucker Thompson. All jumped in the sea (nearly 17degree), first one was Tumanako! Bravo! That jump is the way to wake up and also get a wash. Then came the glorious warm shower up on deck. Soon as everybody was change, we could hear the engine running, the anchor was brought up, and we went off Whale Bay. Our trainees were divided in two teams, working their duties for the first time. Up deck, they were scrubbing, polishing and doing some laundry; down below it was about sweeping with the broom, moping and cleaning the Head (our toilet). This will be their routines for the next five days. Breakfast was served, warm toast and porridge. Going well at a speed of five knots, everybody found their groove. Sails were hoisted and a chart plotting class was done up on deck, so from now anyone can read and report our position.

The rain caught us on the way, and our journey felt like be on a roller coaster with the magnificent swell. For some of them it was time to experience what we call the ‘sea sickness’. Our trainees showed us a great team work, respecting and looking after each other. They all coped and they became grand. By 14:00, the entrance of Whangaroa Harbor appeared trough the landscape, beautiful cliffs and rocky peaks. After the grey and wet weather, the sun gave us the privilege to shine on us for our route and also warmed us up. Really appreciated !!!

The anchor was dropped and clothes were put outside for a good dry, hot chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches were served; a few of our lovely trainees rediscovered their colour and voices : “ I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER “ quote from Tajon. From that moment, the guitar started to be play, and we could see Thomas,Kaid, Issac and Temepura climbing the rig, and with success touched the end of the Top sail yard !

The others were busy at casting handlines over the side. Cameron caught a large Kahawai, perfect for our lunch tomorrow. The sun is slowly going down, and I can hear them all together in the saloon singing.
Have a good night.

jump morning

kaid up