A blanket of cloud covered the sky this morning as we enjoyed our daily dip in the ocean. To take advantage of the NE winds we upped anchor to set the mainsail, foresail and both the inner and outer headsails for a nice rock’n’roll sail to Opunga Cove. We completed our chores along the way before we dropped anchor and enjoyed a hot hearty breakfast. After the morning dishes were done we gathered in the saloon to fill our heads with knowledge on buoys and beacons and tides.

With the rain now pouring down we put on our wet weather gear to go for a paddle in Lil Tuc, our rowing dinghy, this also inspired some of us to go for another swim and try out the ropeswing. With the seafood we gathered yesterday, a hot chowder was enjoyed along with freshly baked bread thanks to Captain Uncle Steve and Jessie. Most of the afternoon was spent downstairs playing all sorts of games avoiding the horrible weather above deck. As the sky darkened we moved once again to our night anchorage in Orokawa Bay where we have been playing more games and enjoying a roast chicken dinner. With the weather easing, talk of sailing up the coast to Whangaroa Harbour could be on the cards for tomorrow. Goodnight.