What a soggy day in the Bay today! But that didn’t stop our trainees getting in for their morning swim!
Being Day 3, the trainees have started to figure out the morning chores routine and quickly broke off into their groups with Preston, Ciara and Rebekah taking charge of below deck duties, as the rest of the trainees filed up top to scrub the decks and polish the brass.
Chores, breakfast and dishes done, we split into our Port and Starboard watches for navigation lessons, knot tying and Phonetic Alphabet challenges. Starboard in the Saloon with Alex and Pania, Nate and Sarianna taking Port watch. Today was a perfect lessons day as the wind and rain settled in for a time before lunch. This did not stop us going out for more sailing and tacking exercises after lunch though! Pania and Alex with the help of Panapa, Wiremu, Ciara, Sobi and Jacob, we did a step by step of how to reef the main before heading out. The knot tying lessons paid off!
Keeping within the inner bay, the trainees were broken into 3 groups to man the mains’l, fores’l and inner jib for each tack. Top effort by everyone, big smiles all around.
Now we’re all tucked up in Orokawa Bay, waiting for dinner and the last of the lessons before we lay our sleepy little heads and rest up for another awesome day tomorrow.