We’re back in the Bay of Islands! The Morning started off soaking wet, as we waited out the weather in Otaio Bay in Urupukapuka last night. There wasn’t too much wind, but the rain was there none the less.
After chores and a warm breakfast, Jackson and Joseph heaved up the anchor and turned head to wind. As the wind was gusting quite strong, we only set the foresail and the inner jib. With Kelly and Cole on the throat halyard and Jess and Pappillo on the peak, we raised the foresail in double time, and no troubles at all!
With those lines coiled down, Daffyd, Matt and under the careful eye of crew member Pania, the inner jib went up in a flash.
It’s been a very soggy day, so we sailed from Otaio, through to Black Rocks, through Kent Passage back to Paradise Bay where we eagerly awaited a hot spicy pumpkin soup with cheesy scones to go with it. Deeeeelicious!
Lunch dishes done, we did a bush walk and a general leg stretch , while the ship hove to.
We are now tucked in Waipiro Bay, waiting for the wind to go from the NW and shift to SW so we can have a some what restful night.