Hi everyone…
Well the wind had got up and we have set our course out of the bay, heading south for a wee coastal adventure.
Day two started in the traditional way, swim , chores, then breakfast. Aroha was first in the water this morning, with everyone else close on her tail.
After a good chunk of navigating, and passage planning, sorting out the plan for the day, a few keen crew geared up in their wetsuits, and head out for a dive at Howe Rock and beyond. They came back with a good booty of muscles, kina and a couple of nice crayfish for the pot.
The muscles went straight into a hot chowder, with some fresh hot bread to mop it all up.. Yum….
As the day was getting on, we decided to weigh anchor and it was all hands on deck to hoist the sails. With a fair breeze behind us we zoomed off to the horizon, jibing back and forth to get us around Cape Brett. Carlos. Te Are and Kaya enjoyed the sun and the swell around Cape Brett from their perch on the bowsprit. Young Jordan took the helm and was happy to steer us the whole way from Whale Bay.
Once we rounded the Cape, the gigantic cliffs sheltered us from the wind, so once again it was all hands on deck for lowering the sails, and we steamed to our secret fishing spot for a bit of a shot.
And luck we did have!!! Steve started us off with a beauty 45cm snapper, then Ben pulled in a wrasse, there was a moray eel, which we threw back and Kylie and Ben and Marama also pulled in a healthy snapper each for the lunch tomorrow…
It was well dark by the time we had finished with the fishing, so we pulled up the anchor again and head off to Outu bay to settle in for the night. A delicious chicken roast dinner was devoured in gusto, and once dishes were done, everyone was pretty well done for the day, and we all trailed off to bed feeling content and happy with the day.