Kia ora whanau.
Te ra tua wha
Back To The Bay!!!

After the morning ritual swim, the kids got stuck into their chores as we hauled anchor and headed out of the mystical Whangaroa harbour; we had one very important stop to make on our journey back to the Bay of Islands, that was at … spot x … for a dive.

Wayne and Nate went out with Kaid, Trey, Temepara, Tajon, Cameron, Thomas and Isaac. The kids keenly attacked the kina in the area while Wayne and Nate hunted down some crays (yuum yuum) after we were grassed by her majesty’s navy we then continued our plotted course southwards to the great Bay of 4

The seas were favourable for our journey down, little to no swell and a nice gentle breeze made the trip a pleasant experience for the tummy’s of the trainees, we then had a delicious leftovers lunch made by Alex which kept the children’s content till diner. As we were motoring down Taniela took the helm for the last legs of the journey and stared us safely back to the bay around the Ninepin.

We are now anchored up in Paroa bay for the night, the children are full up on a yuummyyy boil up thanks to Wayne and are now doing some lessons with Sarianna before lights out at 9

Po marie whanau.