What a spectacular day we’ve had! It started off with our morning swim at Whale Bay, this woke us up so we could complete our chores and make our plan of attack for the day. The trainees, now being confident navigators, planned our day with a dive and fishing expedition to the spectacular Black Rocks.

The weather was with us as the sun shone and the winds were light which made for a spectacular seafood harvest. Sharon, Cassie, Hayden, Kale, Tamati and Neveh helped to gather mussels while exploring the spectacular caves. Christian, Liam, JT and Connor stayed on the ship to try their hand at fishing.  Success! Christian caught the first fish being a nice pan sized snapper.

The divers returned with the mussels and Captain Uncle Steve came back with 2 crayfish. After all this hard work our appetites were satisfied with a spectacular bacon and egg pie and frittata cooked by the spectacular Janna. Bellies full we upped anchor for the second half of our spectacular day, we ventured across the Bay to Waewaetorea Island to explore the sea cave. Squeals and shrieks of excitement echoed through the dark as we ventured into the unknown. As we swam into the sunlight the spectacular scenery of the Eastern side of the island was revealed.

We left Waewaetorea Island as a spectacular sunset painted a tapestry of colours across the sky. We dropped our anchor at Roberton Island as the fabulous Marsha  Baker dished up a spectacular roast pork din dins, yay! With bellies stuffed full again the crew are hopeful that the trainees can’t possibly squeeze another mouthful of Captain Uncle Steve’s famous, legendary, spectacular TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE.   OH NO!!  The cheesecake is being served now.  Goodnight!!