The day started off like a really beautiful spring day, but quickly changed as we headed towards Tapeka Point, packing away our bunks and getting familiar with the ship.

Anchored up in Te Hue, we ate a light lunch then headed off for an hour walk around the Island  (the rain had stopped by then). Paula showed us all how it was done, and didn’t even break a sweat on the trek.

After our walk, we came back to the ship to do some orientation and break everyone up into Port and Starboard watches. With Orientation done, we had a group discussion on what the weather was doing, and safe anchorages to stay in for the night. We decided on Opito Bay, where Abe, Nathan and Pepita were the first to lay aloft and earn their turk’s head bracelet.

Now, we’ve gone through the first days and introductions of the booklets, and have settled in with getting to know each other a little better.

R. Tucker Thompson and trainees departing from Opua