Yet another beautiful day in the Bay. Alas, there was no wind yet again! But, feeling confident in our sail and line handling skills, we heaved up the anchor and set the main sail followed by the fore, the inner and outer jibs and the gaff topsail. Although we weren’t really sailing, it was a perfect opportunity for the trainees to put their knowledge from the past few days into practice, and a perfect use of warm weather to dry out our rather damp sails. Once the deck was tidied away, Ethan, Allan and Mikayla lay aloft to loose the lower and upper topsails, with Lachlan, Anton, Isaac and Monty standing by on deck under the supervision of Wayne to set them.
Under full sail, the ship lolled and rolled and gave the trainees a taste of what 17th century sailors went through while making their way through the doldrums. Making the most of it, the boys quickly pulled out the fishing gear and, using up the last of the bait, sat in what little shade was provided by the sails, and cast a line here and there. Anton quickly landed a legal sized snapper but decided to let it grow bigger and placed it back. Quite a few fish were landed, but only the one was of legal size. Oh well! Still a great morning though.
After a yummy lunch, we practiced tacking and gybing manoeuvres, with everyone rotating through from the forward deck, to aft.
Quickly working up a sweat, there were whispers of going for one last dive before leaving the ship tomorrow. With the sails sufficiently dried, we struck and stowed everything, and made our way towards Akeake Bay for a nosy, when we were visited upon by a pod of dolphins! They were so beautiful and super chilled to just swim alongside us, they stayed for at least 45 minutes!
After our dive, we have settled on our anchor in Paradise Bay, with the sweet smell of the last supper roast wafting throughout the ship, friendships have been made, laughter is heard everywhere,but we’re all of one mind. It’s time to go home. Photo courtesy of Mikayla Martinovich