The sun finally made an appearance today for our morning swim. Chores were a breeze and breakfast went down well. Our new navigators made a passage plan for our long journey back into the Bay Of Islands. The swell was still pumping so we all enjoyed riding the Bowsprit all the way up towards the Hole in the Rock. Back in The Bay now, a delicious pizza lunch was devoured as we made our way towards Oke Bay.

As we arrived, we all changed into our wetsuits to take advantage of the sun and play on the rope swing then explore the waters off Moturahurahu Island. Plenty of sea life was seen while we gathered lots of kina for afternoon tea. We made our way back to the ship where almost everybody challenged their fears to go aloft and earn their bracelet.

Laughter is now ringing throughout the ship as we play games and prepare for a hearty Moroccan dinner. Goodnight all.