Sun Rise to Sun Set today. Agreed by all last night, we got up this morning before dawn to set sail into the sunrise. We left Motu Roa under motor in the dark and watch the sunrise whilst drinking hot chocolates, Yum! By the time breakfast was eaten, we had reached the Nine Pin. At the dramatic looking Nine Pin the trainees set the Sails and the motor was turned off and we set a course to Urupukapuka Island. What a lovely way to start the day.
Anchored in Urupukapuka Bay, cleaning chores were done as well as class work. Bri, Maria, Jade, Caylynn, and Nakita conquered there fear today and teetered out onto the topsail yard and to reach the goal of touching the far edge of accomplishment. Tim, our Skipper, made lunch of spaghetti marinara using the mussels gathered yesterday by Maunga, Reuben, Jacinta and Maria. During the after lunch swim Maunga lost his necklace jumping into the water. Don’t fear! After a team effort search it was Oceania who brought it to the surface again.
Already this sounds like a full day but actually we had time for a walk on Urupukapuka to the Trig and along the cliffs (looking down into “mermaid pools”) and also for a snorkel with the fishes on Hope Reef, which you normally can’t get to unless the sea is completely without swell like today. Now I can here guitar music floating down form on deck as we drift slowly towards Paradise bay where we will stay for the night. The sun is setting, Wayne is cooking us traditional boil up for dinner, and the day has been warm and wonderful.
Good Night from the crew and your salty sea dogs!