Ahoy there landlubbers! We awoke this morning to a beautiful blue sky and crispy clear water which Rory Andrew was first to enter. After our bath in the ocean and the chores were completed we enjoyed a big breakfast to ready us for the day. We spent most of the morning soaking up the sunshine on deck where we split into 6 teams to do some challenges! Our first challenge was to see who could raise and lower the foresail the quickest.

Rory Andrew and Hannah claimed first place winning a free pass out of doing dishes. Our next challenge was to row around the ship on Little Tuck in both traditional and waka ama styles. Rory O’Brien and Madi won this claiming immunity from the morning swim tomorrow. With the sun still shining down on us our trainees thought it would be a good time to try out the rope swing. Kim was first to give it a go setting a perfect example that the rest could follow.

After an hour of swimming we warmed up with hot chocolate and got ready for lunch. Sam and Esther helped Uncle Steve to make fresh bread for lunch which went down nicely with our seafood chowder and chicken soup. Seeing as our trainees were keen on some fishing we raised the anchor and headed out towards the northern side of Roberton Island. Bram got into the fishing catching 7 fish, unfortunately they were a tad small to keep. After a glorious sunset we are now anchored in Pareanui Bay looking forward to dinner and sharing our highs of the day.