Tahi Ra
Kia ora te whanau, the first day aboard the Good Ship R Tucker Thompson has settled nicely.
Meeting each other as we made our way down the harbour, past Tapeka as lunch came on deck.
Thanks to everyone we were able to meet our target of being ashore on Moturua in time for the release of 40 Popokotea or Whitehead. The trainees sat quietly as each box containing five birds was opened and the birds flew out to their new home, chattering away like the canary they are often referred as. A Miromiro/pied tit came down to meet the new arrival, Tieke voiced their prescence and Tui chimed in from alll over, Toutouwai/North Island Robin, hopped ahead of us on the track as we returned to the ship.
Harnesses were introduced and Brianna spent some time enjoying the view, Reuben was first in for a swim, a little time passed relaxing then the trainees were ashore for another walk across to Mangahawea bay and return. Dinner is on the go, trainees are scattered about getting to know each other.
Po marie
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