Today we welcomed our new trainees on board!

After saying goodbye to all the families, we set sail towards Te Puna inlet in the rain with Emma taking the helm and the rest of the trainees hoisted the mainsail, foresail and the inner jib (headsail). While we sailed we played a name game, then the cook served up a yummy lunch of sloppy joes which was devoured. Alex, Grace and Bailey all took turns on the helm, steering us towards our anchorage for the night. After making anchor, we ran through orientation of the ship and safety procedures. Everyone had a go at climbing the rigging, after being shown how to use their harnesses. Then it was free time and everyone was into the water!
Currently, the trainees are creating their treaty for the week while we wait for our delicious dinner of stir-fry. The sky is clearing and we will hopefully see some stars tonight. Our current coordinates are S 35*10.7 E 174*01.9.

Everyone is already becoming so close and it’s only the first day!