From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, bringing everyone together over the first day and a half had lots of smile and lots of laughs, but now the Games begin, as friends and team mates take precedent over new buddies met. Last night was the first of six bake off in the galley with a superb dessert entry by Tove and Teagan , clean bowls meant a high score for the Whanagrei Girls team. The early morning swims, bunk checks, best brass, deck scrubbers have all accumulated small amounts of points which could all have a bearing on the final results!!!!

Lil Tuck races around the ship created more laughter as some tense faces took to their paddles, Pippa and Lucy from Huanui took out the first place there, then Emmanuel and Miriama came through to take out the heaving line challenge, happy to be rescued by them.

In between we are introducing the phonetic alphabet challenge, line competition and knot challenge for later in week. This afternoon they have requested a Tucker tug of war, yes North Power versus Top Energy…..the ultimate match off, a perfect split will see Whangarei, Dargaville and Huanui battle it off against Okaihau, Taipa and Kaitaia.

Results later…….