Tangaroa continues to shine on the good ship !! We woke up this morning in Mahinepua to a glistening sea. The morning swim and chores were swiftly completed as the day was full of promise of virgin teretory still to be explored, and all the trainees were keen to be exploring. Tui managed a spectacular splash off the ships ladder but maintained her composure throughout !
Motutapere Island was our first stop Clare, Kiwa, Tyrone, Josh and our were soon in the water reaping the treasures of the sea. The Good ship now has five crayfish of three different species of on board and the anticipation of a good sea food feast to come.
The island of Motukawanui provided the setting for the days stroll. Dead whale bay to the DOC hut. The boys set a blistering pace with a time of 45 min flat.
The swell built for our voyage back to the Bay of Islands but the wind failed to show again.
Still in need of scallops for our seafood feast we tried our luck at Robberton Island. Josie joind the regular keen divers to see what could be seen. Scallops proved hard to find but good fun was hard to find.
Big day tomorrow as we have 30 guest walkers on board for the day so it will be best behaviour by all!