Good evening everyone, here’s a catch up of our last 2 days.

Yesterday we awoke in the fantabulous Mimiwhangata. With our morning dip and chores out of the way, we upped anchor to set sail on our long journey back into the Bay. The wind was roaring with 25 knots, so with our trainees in charge we raised all the sails to take advantage of the South Westerly breeze that guided us home. As we came to the Hole in the Rock our lines that we were towing finally went off! Ashton caught the first decent Kahawai then Michaela, being competitive as ever had to catch a bigger Kahawai. Two more Kahawai were caught after that which went down well for dinner. We anchored in Homestead Bay for the night where we went ashore just after sunset for another game of spotlight! With so much long grass and trees to hide in we spent more than an hour to find our trainees again. With food waiting for us back on the ship, we had a good incentive to go back otherwise we would probably never find Kiwa and Ashton the camouflage ninjas.

We enjoyed our mineral spa this morning in Homestead Bay. The sun was shining on us as we completed chores and devoured breakfast. Feeling the need to stretch our legs we decided to go for a stroll around Moturua Island. The pace was nice and slow which gave us plenty of time to collect shells and enjoy the views. With Moturua Island accomplished we then decided to check out Waewaetorea Island. Dressed warmly in wetsuits we made our way to another Taniwha cave on the Eastern side of the Island. The cave was dark and eerie and the wind was roaring through yet our brave trainees didn’t even scream as they made their way into the darkness.

The water was warm and welcoming so Ashton, Michaela, Shyanne and Harata decided to stay in their wetsuits and go for a dive to gather mussels off Mussel Rock near Moturua Island. Working as a team they gathered as much mussels as the bag would carry before they went off to explore the coast of the Island. While the divers were gathering seafood, the rest of the trainees were back on the ship playing word association games and preparing a roast pork dinner and chocolate self-saucing pudding.

With our trainees well and truly stuffed it wont take much rocking to go to sleep tonight. Goodnight!