0650 bright and early before the birds started to sing, Rupert and Raven were first in for a morning swim in the lovely Whale bay. After drying off, a quick breakfast and chores all done it was time for lessons and then we were off to explore the bay stopping in at Waewaetorea to stretch the legs. After we walked over the island we decided to enter the taniwha’s liar to see if he was home.

There was no taniwha but Oliver and Rozalyn were greeted by a wheke after a lot of screaming it was time for a quick snack then we all decided to do a spot of fishing just off Urupukapuka island catching exceptionally big Blue Maomao enough to feed the whole ship and Mia catching the only legal snapper, After fishing we honked over to deep water cove and went for another hike up the track to the top for a very amazing view back at the mainland…..