KIA ORA everybody,
Our last full day today, and believe us, this fact was in the mind of all our trainees this morning. From Orokawa bay, the Night went and the Sun rose: time for the daily duties and breakfast. The quick as we could, because The R.Tucker Thompson was expected on Urupukapuka before midday. The Bird Song program was organising a bird release: 30 Black Robins, so we couldn’t miss it.
After five nautical miles, and some navigation work for Kapatoa and Megan, we joined Otaio Bay. We landed and joined about 30 others people waiting on the beach the delivery of the birds. After half an hour, our birds finally arrived! In silent and intense emotions, the birds ‘boxes were transferred from water to land, everybody was invited to follow and to keep quiet until the release was finish. The Bird Song program gave the privilege to two of our trainees: Kea and Gypsy to let go two birds. This was a great moment, full of energy and Karakia. And then, it was time for our happy group to go on a walk around the island. Facing Waewaetorea, we stopped and devoured our homemade sandwiches. (thanks Wayne&Nat) Craig and Tihao were always leading the pack. A bit of weeding was done as well around Paradise Bay, helping the island to get rid of invasive self-seeding plant like the Wattle (Acacia family) from Australia. Some chocolate fishes were enjoyed on our way to the ship; just on time to escape the rain. Back on board, we departed for our night anchorage “Paroa Bay ”. For celebrating, this ending trip, the yards were again braced and togs were put on. The water wasn’t cold anymore. Now, as I am writing, I can hear them singing Maori Songs trough the saloon. The Pork roast is in the oven…
Thanks, good night and SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!