Kia Ora,
Magic start for the Eighth trip of the R.Tucker Thompson, as we took off the Opua wharf this midday, the sixteen of us started our journey by a name game, a funny way to know each other. Then, the twelve trainees were split in two groups: Port and Starboard; and started to get familiar with their new home. Safety procedures and living routines were explained, they also unpacked their bags. Delicious macaroni cheeses were shared up on deck under a summery weather, lucky we were! (Thanks Pania 😉 The wind joined us, and it was a perfect timing for our trainees to meet our traditional propulsion: Our precious Sails.
A real first time for all of them! Divided into smaller groups, they discovered how to hoist and drop the Main sail, the Foresail, the two Head sails and the Lower Top sail. “Take a turn, Make fast …” the sailing vocabulary was introduced as well. And as an important need on a ship, working together is from today understood by everyone on board. Dolphins came along and smiles appeared.
Under sails, we took the course of our night anchorage, but our famous Wilson Ball went overboard. Part of our training, it was time to let our fresh crew figure out: How to manage a Man Over Board. And it was with a time of 3minutes ONLY, that our good friend was picked out of the water. Approaching Urupukapuka Island, the sails were dropped and struck for the night. The Shelter of Paradise Bay was chosen. Anchored, Amelia, Joseph, Jacob and Rebekah went for a swing and ended up in the gorgeous water. Now as I’m writing, there is a class with the Captain in the saloon, where the trainee booklets are distributed, forecast and log are getting filled. Free time and dinner will follow, letting them find their groove on this first night together.
Have a good night !!!
sails up

sails work