Kia Ora,
Here we go! The sixteen of us have gone to sea for our magic journey on board the R.Tucker Thompson. For a start, we did our traditional name-game around the steering wheel. Then the Foresail went up, getting our trainees to pull some ropes, giving them a feeling of the week. Lunch was served up on deck after Karakia and the anchor was dropped at Urquhart Bay. After unpacking their bags, Sarianna talked about the life on board : “Seven days together “. This involved rules and routine. Trainees were split into Team Watches, Starboard and Port, for the work on deck and into six teams of two for the galley work and morning duties. An orientation tour done by Pania and Alex followed, the safety and practical knowledge were explained, like where to find drinking water or how to use the sea toilet and also, what do we take if we need to evacuate. Afternoon tea – Fruit! It was time to go again for a sail, the main sail, the fore sail, the two head sails went up, really easily! They don’t know each other’s but they already got some team work skills, also they were very attentive. This made our afternoon very sweet. The procedure of a Man Over Board was practiced, our time for the first time: 15minutes. So we will definitely can do better next time!!! With harness on, our new fresh crew discovered climbing shrouds and the bowsprit, including Brittney, Tenika and Monique. Billy, Te Morehu, Kawiti, and Tahua did take the helm for a time as well with confidence. The afternoon flew away, dropping the sail on our way back to Urquhart Bay. Then with daylight left, it was decided to go on shore for a little stroll over the hill to Smugglers Cove. A white, sandy beach which looks out to sea at the Hen and Chicken Islands.
Now we are all back on the ship, the trainees are playing cards together while we wait for dinner to finish cooking. So begins our voyage!
Po Marie , Good Night!