Avast there me hearties, for today was was the day of challenges. After the early morn dip in old briny, and a breakfast of scrambled cackle fruit, toast, and porridge, our last navigation lessons were to be learned, how do we get home? Our crew of scalliwags, took to the task of our homeward journey like old salts and sea dogs. The lessons be learnt and a gauntlet be thrown down.

The first of many challenges for the day, a jolly boat race around the ship, where no quarter was given and none expected. Bryon was the winner and a block of chocolate gold was his. The next challenge was a test of accuracy, to throw a weighted line through a life ring anchored away from the ship.The mighty Merc received the golden bar. The next test was the famous R.Tucker Thompson baggywrinkle challenge and Stevie-Ray was victorious, another golden bar. Whilst our crew competed, Cap’n Steve donned his other cap, that of Baker Steve, and baked some amazing bread for lunch. Lunch was ate, soup n’ bread, and the sails were set. We were off on another sail across the bay back to Omakiwi for a dive and scallops. As the sun sets, the smell of a roast pork dinner permeates the timbers of the ship and the laughter just grows louder.