Kia ora and welcome everyone to another tale of adventure aboard the Good ship R Tucker Thompson.  We  awoke this morning to an eerie mist that completely engulfed  Ranfurly Bay and all of Whangaroa Harbour. With visibility reduced to a minimum we cautiously edged our way towards Totara North,  it was like something out of The Pirates of the Caribbean ,  and look outs were posted for the “Black Pearl”  Arr!!

We arrived at Totara North and prepared ourselves for the mega walk to Lanes Cove. After an arduous mega uphill battle we reached the summit and the going got easy. The mist lifted and a fine blue sky greeted us. The pace was fast and soon a welcome dip in an icy forest stream was a refreshing reward. Two hours later our trek to Lanes Cove ended at the DOC hut and Captain Steve returned us to our ship where the trainees planned our route home.

We left Whangaroa Harbour and a nice 10-15 kt Northwesterly greeted us, just the breeze we needed to sail back to the Bay. It is now 1800 hrs and the Ninepin is 3 nm away,  soon we will be anchored up in Whale Bay with some very weary sailors.

Ma te wa  whanau.