Well shiver me timbers and rattle me bones, our boasting and bragging of plunderin’s and sea food treasures must have reached old neptunes barnacled ear, for today we were beaten at every turn. After another monster breakfast, and our lessons been learnt, we set on in search of our scaly friends. A few secret spots were visited, but the word was out we were on the hunt. The wind, she started a blowing,and the rain, well it started raining, adding to the adventure. Our weatherhardened sailors never gave up, with fisherman on deck and intrepid aquanauts below we scoured the depths all to no avail. Two lonely Kahawai finally succumbed to our perserverance, but the wind and rain wouldn’t let up.

Marsha’s hot chocolates, cakes, corn fritters, ginger slices and chicken coconut soup soon warmed the cockles of our hearts and fishing was long forgotton. With this mountain of food came a mountain of dishes, and our galley dishwashing expert, Raymond, did a fantastic job. The sails were set and we were off for an exciting sail to Matauwhi bay with rain squalls following, the forecast is for foul weather, so tomorrow will be very interesting.