Today really cannot be put into words. It was just awesome, one that none of us will ever forget!!!!
We’ve done so much there’s a danger this could turn into a novel so I’ll try and sum it up.
Sunrise swims in Oke Bay, New Zealand Splendour, brand new day,
Exploration to find caves to swim in, Nate and Phillip waka paddling,
Next destination Deep Water cove diving, Paihere patted fish on arriving,
Then sails were set, crew responding, as a team, fully bonding,
Boys did Haka to Fuller’s boat, chocolate rewards, we were stoked
Taniwha Cave, deep dark water, screams and squeals, lots of laughter.
High rope swing bombs from the Tucker, could the day get any better?
Sunset and Majestic birds, hard to put it into words
Fishing, laughing and spaghetti bolognese dinner,
Yep this day was a definite winner