Te ra tua wha
And what a glorious day it was whanau, after the ritualistic morning swim the kids got stuck into their chores as a delicious breakfast (porridge) was made by Wayne it was quickly and eagerly devoured by the trainees, after this we took advantage of the sunny blue ski weather and warm whangaruru waters by first completing the tucker yard challenge and secondly by jumping in for a swim. Tiahorangi, Latham, Hamish and Darryl making the most of it by unleashing the swing, all adding their individual flair as they swung out into the water. Meanwhile, Tequin, Natasha, Kasidy, Levi, Arron, and Cody, assisted by Pania, courageously climbed the rigging and out to the end of the lower top sail yard. After the trainees got dried off and pulled in the washing, we set sail!!! introducing the trainees to the top sails, Natasha and Hamish unfurled them and the rest were shown how to set, tack and strike them, we then headed for the open ocean before tacking down towards mimiwhangata, once we arrived the trainees enjoyed a much deserved rest. afterwards, some of the kids decided they wanted to try their luck in a hunt for some kina , so dive gear was donned and in went Kassidy, Natasha, Tiahorangi, Latham, Darryl, Cody. The rest of the trainees went for a walk on one of the beautiful beaches in mimiwhangata. We are now all back on board , card games are being played, chess battles are under way, and the delicious aroma of Panz brilliant burritos are wafting through the ship, mmmmmmm we all can’t wait for dinner.

Po marie whanau.