Well! What an exciting, fun filled day we had ashore today!
With the ritual morning swims and duties completed, we ate a hearty breakfast then headed straight for Waikahoa Beach and set off on a forty minute up hill climb.
Slowly but surely we made our way to the top to discover a lot of little piggys had been there before us.
We then headed for a loop track that took us far and wide. We went up hills and down dales, around corners to various beaches where the trail finally led us back towards the good ship.
Lunch was eagerly devoured with a few of the boys asking if we could go for a dive. Jason, Josh and Rob C were the only eager beavers to head off with Nate and Wayne, while Bradley, Tanisha, Rosie, Jameela and Erana keen to stay behind to earn their turk’s head bracelets.
Now we are all tucked up ready for some book work and a yummy dinner followed (maybe) by a game of spotlight. We’ll see…it’s been a pretty long day…IMG_2303