Arrrgghhh May the 4th be with you, what a good day it has been here on the R Tucker Thompson! We awoke to a lovely crisp morning in Waiti Bay with our 2nd refreshing mineral spa of the trip.

Once again Ants was 1st to enter the water followed by Lucas and Jimmy popping bombs while the sun rose above Motukawanui…

Chores, breakfast and dishes out of the way we got straight into some lessons doing some chart work and navigation and learning to tie 5 knots with Kyro, Ihaka, Matthew and Rebecca excelling in the knot tying challenge.

Weighing anchor we headed over to Matauri bay to wait for our forecasted northerlies to push us back down to paradise bay, but sadly there was more fish then wind hooking up on 3 skip-jack tuna before passing Tikitiki island.

We are anchored up in Paradise bay tonight…. just magic ra toru