Welcome everyone to another exciting episode of the R Tucker Thompson daily blog. Today is the last full day of the trainees adventures aboard the ship. It started with our morning swim which was warmer than usual and our chores were completed with another little shower from above. Today our trainees were in charge and made the decision as to where we were going and with the knowledge they have gathered, navigated and steered the ship to these destinations.

First up they chose Waewaetorea Island to explore the taniwha cave which everyone challenged their fears and made it through the darkness and enjoyed a swim on the other side. On return to the ship, the mega extreme ropeswing was swung into action and everyone took turns playing spiderman.

After a seafood chowder and freshly baked bread we upped anchor and set sail towards the Black Rocks to try our luck again at fishing. Captain Uncle Steve caught the first fish being a nice sized snapper followed by Connor who caught a prized john dory. Happy with our catches we moved to our night anchorage near Kent Passage where we all enjoyed a pork roast and vege dinner. The trainees are now enjoying their last night aboard the ship playing games and laughing.