Woke up to a beautiful day in Paroa Bay. We had breakfast then did our usual chores. The trainees are now onto what needs to be done and get stuck in and got Tucker ship shape in no time, washing all the blood and bait off the boat from last nights fishing. Today the trainees are in charge of all sailing duties so after our course was plotted the skipper and crew were assigned their positions.

Te Kauri was the skipper for our first sail and gave orders to the crew to set sail for our secret scallop spot for another scallop dive. On the way the rest of the girls met the challenge of climbing to the top of the yards, pushed on by the prize of one of Steve’s much sought after bracelets. This included Amy who conquered her fear of heights! Awesome girls, mana wahine. We arrived there in good time and whilst Steve and Janna went hunting the trainees bombed and swam off the boat. Tim was working hard in the galley and produced an amazing feast of fish and scallops with salad for lunch, yum.

We set sail again for the Black Rocks and anchored at Moturoa where we went for an island walk to the army gun emplacement from the 2nd world war. Some trainees were keen on another swim after the ride back in the inflatable. We sailed on again with another change of crew to Whale Bay where Janna and Amy set to the task of cleaning the pantry and cooking a tasty roast pork dinner.

Now settled in for the night and our bellies full we are enjoying our last night on the ship together before home time tomorrow! Goodnight whanau and friends!Maude and Ducatti